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“We loved the Bug Bar at our wedding 07.07.17. They worked with us in delivering booze and fun to all our guests. I would recommend them.”- Catherine Dalberg

IMG_6255 (1)On the 7th of July, the Bugbar team made their way down the coast to Peacehaven. The weather couldn’t of been more perfect for the Dalberg’s; the sun was shining and the cocktails were flowing. There reception was held in their own garden (which was gorgeous btw). The festival theme fit hand in hand with their location, creating a picturesque setting. Gusto (our bug) was placed at the back of the garden on a slight hill. This was fantastic, as we could see the sun glistening off the ocean while we were working.


Smiles were all around as we served up the beverages. Everyone loved the personalised cocktail names, which were specifically names after the bridesmaids. “Alexir of Life” (Elderflower Fizz) was the most popular- not surprised! As its the perfect summer refreshment. All the guests were so friendly and couldn’t more welcoming. Great night, great people, great couple!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Dalberg! Thank you for a fantastic evening. We hope to see you again soon!