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cocktail bar popup vw

Life begins at 40 does it not? And Rebecca had the best start possible! Her vintage festival themed party went down a treat, with Gusto serving delicious cocktails and double upping as a DJ booth all night long! With our new colour changing and moving beam lights, her garden was transformed into a retro disco, creating a fab party atmosphere!

tony popup dj booth vintage


With DJ James taking control of the tunes, guests were on their feet dancing all night, and showing some spectacular moves too! Most importantly, birthday girl Rebecca was seen smiling all evening, that’s what we aim for!

popupbar vw


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hospitality in the park

The Bug Bar rocked up for the second year running at Finsbury park…. for the biggest Drum and Bass festival in the UK- Hospitality in the Park! With legendry artists such as London Elektricity, Roni Size and Danny Byrd, the party atmosphere was high all day long, keeping people dancing by the Bug through the night!

hospitality in the park women

The Drum and Base Dj’s were exceptional on the day, and as a celebration of modern dance music, the passion and energy of artists and festival goers ensured the DISCOBUG was a much loved feature of a fantastic festival.

See if you can spot the bug from last years video, and look out for updates on this years video, coming soon!


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IMG_7385The Bugbar team are always happy to be invited to a 40th (especially when its complimentary drinks)! We traveled to this beautiful Church Farmhouse about 17 miles away from Brighton. It was beautiful, the garden was lovely and had the most breathtaking scenery. When we arrived and started to prep it started to rain…..HARD! As i was chopping up the limes I was hunched over inside the Duke, hiding from the rain. But as soon as the guests started to arrive, the sunshine peeped through the clouds. It was time to party!

IMG_5579The most popular cocktails of the night were “Elderflower Fizz” and “Little Passion”. The atmosphere was so lovely, there were about 100 guests enjoying the live music and beverages. Everyone was in good spirits!

IMG_6165Apart from the slight downpour, it was an incredible night. It was a pleasure to be apart of this 40th. All the best!



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IMG_7019On the 27th July, the Duke made its way to St Anne’s House in Lewes. It was a beautiful venue. The garden was very picturesque, filled with flowers and fountains, giving it a real summer vibe. As the space in the garden was quite limited- the Bug was placed down the steps, giving us our own cocktail area.

IMG_7020Due to the event being for American Express, we were asked to personalise a cocktail and make it blue. The marketing strategy for their brand was “Reach The Potential”, so we named it “RTP 3.0″. They all found the name very amusing and wanted to give it a try. The cocktail was made with cloudy lemonade, fresh lime mix and vodka. To make it blue, we put a dash of “Blue Curacao” on top with a slice of lemon. This gave it a lovely light blue, mirroring the colour scheme of Amex. Apparently it was very tasty!

IMG_6992Thank you for having us! We had such a lovely evening and we hope you did too!


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IMG_6865On the 22nd of July, Gusto, the VW camper bar, made its way down to the beautiful Bentley Farm. The set up was very quirky and trippy. Vivid colours and bright lights surrounding the venue, giving it proper festival vibe.


The cocktails were flowing as the DJ’s began their sets. Mojito’s and Elderflower Fizz’s were the stand out favourites of the night….simply because they’re so delicious! The Silent Disco was also a big highlight, even though no one could sing…awkward! However, it was so lovely to be surrounded by such a great group of people. We are so thankful to be involved in such a cool event. Thank you Hootsuite…until next time!





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“We loved the Bug Bar at our wedding 07.07.17. They worked with us in delivering booze and fun to all our guests. I would recommend them.”- Catherine Dalberg

IMG_6255 (1)On the 7th of July, the Bugbar team made their way down the coast to Peacehaven. The weather couldn’t of been more perfect for the Dalberg’s; the sun was shining and the cocktails were flowing. There reception was held in their own garden (which was gorgeous btw). The festival theme fit hand in hand with their location, creating a picturesque setting. Gusto (our bug) was placed at the back of the garden on a slight hill. This was fantastic, as we could see the sun glistening off the ocean while we were working.


Smiles were all around as we served up the beverages. Everyone loved the personalised cocktail names, which were specifically names after the bridesmaids. “Alexir of Life” (Elderflower Fizz) was the most popular- not surprised! As its the perfect summer refreshment. All the guests were so friendly and couldn’t more welcoming. Great night, great people, great couple!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Dalberg! Thank you for a fantastic evening. We hope to see you again soon!


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bugbar yogaOn the 8th-9th of July, The Brighton Yoga festival commenced. The weather couldn’t of been more perfect for smoothies and iced coffees. The festival was held at  Sussex Cricket Ground in Hove. It was the perfect venue, as it provided indoor and outdoor space for yoga activities and food courts. The Bugbar was placed in the center of the outdoor entrance. Our healthy smoothies were a best seller, especially the “Mighty Green” which contained- avocado, spinach, mint, apple, and kiwi. Our Iced coffees also went down a treat. The perfect creamy refreshment after a yoga class.

Brighton Yoga Festival is organised and run by the Brighton Yoga Foundation, which is a registered charity dedicated to making the health and well-being benefits of yoga accessible to all. As well as the one-day free festival, it does this throughout the year with Yoga Trails and online education resources, and by offering grants to support projects that advance the charity’s aims.

We were so happy to be part of this tranquil couple of days. Our sparkly Discobug turned a lot of heads, especially as we were providing delicious refreshments. Til next year…..





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“No words can do them justice, they were truly fantastic from start to finish!” -Lisa Bustin

bugbar weddingIt was a stunning day in town of Colchester. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky. With a festival theme, the fields were filled with flags and bunting- the BugBar fit right in! After a beautiful ceremony, illuminated by our L O V E letters, the bar was open for pimms, prosecco and of course, cocktails! Dinner of fish and chips, followed by a night full of drinks and dancing ended the day with a bang! A fantastic wedding to work at, and thoroughly enjoyed by all!

bugbar pop up bar




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“It was an absolute delight to have you at the event. Thank you for being part of this special week in Belgrave Square and I’m truly delighted you had the success you did”- Event organiser Amanda

The London Dog Show was held at the beautiful Belgrave Square, in the heart of Chelsea (very very posh eeeek!). Throughout this 3hr event, we supplied cocktails, Pimm’s, Wine and Prosecco.



Everyone was desperate for refreshments so it was non-stop. “Pedigree Pimm’s” (as we like to call it) was an obvious favourite- and who can blame them!?- It was the end of the week and the sun was beaming.


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Minxy dinosaurThis was the quirkiest wedding we have ever done! It was a festival theme so the atmosphere was very relaxed. The weather couldn’t of been more perfect, not a cloud in the sky. We served cocktails and beverages throughout most of the day and evening. The most popular drink was our refreshing mojito.

minxys weddingThe coolest part of the day was during the ceremony, as the bride arrived on a life size dinosaur structure. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! Never seen anything like it. Would like to take this time to thank them for such an extrordinary day. The coolest bride and groom we’ve ever set eyes on!