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IMG_7385The Bugbar team are always happy to be invited to a 40th (especially when its complimentary drinks)! We traveled to this beautiful Church Farmhouse about 17 miles away from Brighton. It was beautiful, the garden was lovely and had the most breathtaking scenery. When we arrived and started to prep it started to rain…..HARD! As i was chopping up the limes I was hunched over inside the Duke, hiding from the rain. But as soon as the guests started to arrive, the sunshine peeped through the clouds. It was time to party!

IMG_5579The most popular cocktails of the night were “Elderflower Fizz” and “Little Passion”. The atmosphere was so lovely, there were about 100 guests enjoying the live music and beverages. Everyone was in good spirits!

IMG_6165Apart from the slight downpour, it was an incredible night. It was a pleasure to be apart of this 40th. All the best!



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IMG_7019On the 27th July, the Duke made its way to St Anne’s House in Lewes. It was a beautiful venue. The garden was very picturesque, filled with flowers and fountains, giving it a real summer vibe. As the space in the garden was quite limited- the Bug was placed down the steps, giving us our own cocktail area.

IMG_7020Due to the event being for American Express, we were asked to personalise a cocktail and make it blue. The marketing strategy for their brand was “Reach The Potential”, so we named it “RTP 3.0″. They all found the name very amusing and wanted to give it a try. The cocktail was made with cloudy lemonade, fresh lime mix and vodka. To make it blue, we put a dash of “Blue Curacao” on top with a slice of lemon. This gave it a lovely light blue, mirroring the colour scheme of Amex. Apparently it was very tasty!

IMG_6992Thank you for having us! We had such a lovely evening and we hope you did too!