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“It was an absolute delight to have you at the event. Thank you for being part of this special week in Belgrave Square and I’m truly delighted you had the success you did”- Event organiser Amanda

The London Dog Show was held at the beautiful Belgrave Square, in the heart of Chelsea (very very posh eeeek!). Throughout this 3hr event, we supplied cocktails, Pimm’s, Wine and Prosecco.



Everyone was desperate for refreshments so it was non-stop. “Pedigree Pimm’s” (as we like to call it) was an obvious favourite- and who can blame them!?- It was the end of the week and the sun was beaming.


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Minxy dinosaurThis was the quirkiest wedding we have ever done! It was a festival theme so the atmosphere was very relaxed. The weather couldn’t of been more perfect, not a cloud in the sky. We served cocktails and beverages throughout most of the day and evening. The most popular drink was our refreshing mojito.

minxys weddingThe coolest part of the day was during the ceremony, as the bride arrived on a life size dinosaur structure. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! Never seen anything like it. Would like to take this time to thank them for such an extrordinary day. The coolest bride and groom we’ve ever set eyes on!



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IMG_5603 On the 9th of June, the Virgin Kite Surfing Festival was ready for action. The aim of the festival was the bring the community together for a fantastic weekend of kiting, music and fundraising. Over 6,000 people attended and the weather was spot on – hot AND windy!

vw bar kite surfing

We were lucky enough to provide cocktails and mixers…and boy, was the weather on our side. In the evening, the Discobug was in the main tent and our bar was right next to it. The Bugbar team created such an electric atmosphere. We were so lucky to be part of something so magical.